Water Damage Restoration, Mitigation, and Remediation Care in Rochester Hills – MI

“Flooding? Mold? Mildew? Storms? No Sweat. We Got You Covered.“


“We recently experienced an unfortunate ‘mishap’ causing issues on all three levels of our property. Our technician was thorough in his analysis, knowledgeable and guided us through each step of the process to a successful recovery. He was a joy to work with throughout this sudden occurrence. Ah, the joys of home ownership!”

- Krystal K.

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The mess even the smallest water emergency leaves behind is devastating because it leads to all sorts of secondary MAJOR problems such as toxic mold, mildew and putrid smells.

Few commercial space owners are aware how costly a burst pipe, flooded basement or mold infested area can be on their business. If left untreated they can be shut down by surprise city inspections and it’s never fun having to re-apply for permits, pay hefty fees and fines and deal with politicians from leaving water in areas it doesn’t belong.

We clean, restore, and rejuvenate your commercial space giving it a much-needed face lift bringing it back to life.


We offer a number of cleaning services including: Carpet, Leather, Pet Urine and Odor, Area Rugs, Furniture, Upholstery, Tile, Stone and Grout, Wine, Blood, Paint, Commercial and standard cleaning.

Typically, customers contract us for cleaning after the remediation process and sometimes we’re called upon for this service as a standalone in regards to newly renovated property, newly built, or to prepare for a large event or gala.

We can accommodate virtually any request you may have in regards to clean-up.


When it comes down to it we use the best equipment available to us in the industry such as air movers, blowers, dehumidifies, negative air machines, air scrubbers and other equipment to help us rid your property of its mold infestation.

We check into crawl spaces, do black mold cleanup (nasty stuff!), restore mold damaged properties, repair damage from mold, perform a thorough professional examination, and more.

If you want to ensure the good health of yourself and those around you it’s imperative you keep young children and the elderly away from anywhere you suspect there to be mold until we arrive on the scene to clean it up professional on your behalf.


It is absolutely ESSENTIAL you remove any sitting water and moisture in the air caused by water damage you’re experiencing within the first 24hrs of occurrence. The longer water sits, the bigger the problems (and removal and cleaning bill) you’ll have to face.

As water extraction experts we’re qualified, certified and field experienced to know the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of remediation. Not only do we eradicate the problem we aim to eliminate any threat of any issues taking place in the future.

“If you ask me my experience was phenomenal. Your technicians (even your receptionist) were all helpful and made me feel right at home working with you directly to fix our issues. You answered all of my questions, patiently (though I’m sure I’ve asked the same question 2 or 3x for clarity) and you’ve helped me handle what was otherwise a stressful situation with less stress than I imagined. Highly recommended!”

- Dr. Benjamin S.

Need Professional Water Damage Restoration Services Today?

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