Why Hire Us For Professional Home and Commercial Cleaning Services?

REASON #1: Your Health and Safety is Our #1 Priority

After the ‘damage has been done’ and the removal of all contaminated items have been discarded, you’re left with a situation where harmful bacteria, hazardous organisms, viruses and unsightly pests begin to ‘take residence’ in your space.

It’s not uncommon for mold and mildew growth to begin to sprout almost immediately after contact with water and for sewage and the smell of it to attract other rodents and critters (mice, possums, rats, roaches, etc.) all of which carry diseases of their own.

Our service puts an end to this scenario before it ever begins. But the longer you delay, the more damage your property sustains.

REASON #2: After Care, Is Proper Care

Though admittedly our job “appears” to be effortless, what you don’t see is the decades of combined experience behind the scenes, strategizing, negotiating, problem solving and critical thinking that goes behind seemingly unsolvable situations.

There’s a TONS more involved than having a few air vacs throughout the room to dry out the space. You have to check for humidity. Investigate floor boards and carpet for moisture levels. Analyze walls with the naked eye on the fly. Determine if any water damaged items can be salvaged or must be destroyed and replace, etc.

And, if water is an inch deep you’ll require industrial sized equipment regardless of residence.

Like we said. It’s complicated. But that’s why a “do-it-yourself” approach will compromise the structural integrity and value of your residence. Unless you enjoy gambling we recommend hiring us for after care, the proper care.

REASON #3: Control Your Losses and Save More Money!

As mentioned in reason #2 the first mode of response to water damage is to “clean it up yourself”.

We highly recommend against this, not so we can attain your business, but because in the long-run your property will inevitably suffer so much unseen damage that by the time it resurfaces you may need to completely reconstruct entire portions of your home, if not demolish it altogether. It’s that serious.

Ultimately, you’ll SAVE more money with our services in the event you intend on reselling your property (which most people generally do) to recoup expenses and relocate elsewhere.

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