It appears mold is as simple to remove as wiping down the kitchen sink of cake batter. Unfortunately, it’s not quite simple. If you ‘irritate’ it without proper handling you risk ‘spreading’ mold spores into the air causing it to land in other areas it was not previously before.

Below are two reasons WHY you should contact us immediately for mold inspection and diagnosis:

BENEFIT #1: We Know Where To “LOOK”

Most people who call us for mold services do so because of what they initially see. They assume all removal that needs to be done is what’s in front of their eyes. Typically, they’re surprised to learn that it’s been growing in their walls, attics, basements, closets and anywhere else where there is moisture and darkness.

In other words, what they see is often just a manifestation of a much larger problem. We don’t string you along. We tell you (and show you where possible) what’s going on beneath the surface.

BENEFIT #2: Mold is SERIOUSLY Toxic!

Because of molds toxic nature, it’s highly advised you contact professionals to not only remove the mold in your home but keep it OUT of your home, if not for your sake than your family’s.

Do not go nowhere near mold, touch it or try to remove it yourself. D-I-Y solutions work for changing a light bulb or mopping up spilled milk, but it does NOT have the same affect when eradicating mold spores and mildew.

In conclusion, if you suspect a mold problem the ‘smart’ thing to do would be to at the very least schedule a consultation with our mold irritation professionals to determine if there’s anything you need to be alarmed about before it grows into an infestation that will become not only difficult, but fairly expensive, to control.

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